Being Sure   2 Peter 1: 1 – 11

June 16, 2019.  Rev. Richard R. Gerber

God wants you to be sure that you have eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Meeting Up With Jesus – Taking His Road   Mark 8: 27 – 9: 1

June 9, 2019.  Rev. Richard R. Gerber

After all you have seen of Jesus, do you want to be his disciple? In this text he makes the road ahead very clear, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”

Meeting Up With Jesus – Anything Can Happen   Mark 9: 14 – 29

June 2, 2019.  Rev. Richard R. Gerber

“All things are possible for one who believe.” With these words Jesus opens vast horizons of possibilities for one who believes in him.

Meeting Up With Jesus – A Call to Faith   Mark 5: 21 – 43

May 26, 2019.  Rev. Richard R. Gerber

Knowing who Jesus is and assenting to the truthfulness of that knowledge are key parts of faith. The element that clinches the deal is trust, acting on what you know and believe to be true.

Meeting Up With Jesus – No Secrets   Mark 2: 1 – 12

May 19, 2019.  Rev. Richard R. Gerber

Meeting up with Jesus is startling. He knows your innermost thoughts and feelings. His call to repentance is an offer of blessing.

Meeting Up With Jesus – A Dirty Business   Mark 1: 40 – 2: 17

May 12, 2019.  Rev. Richard R. Gerber

All sorts of hurting, needy people surround Jesus. Jesus met you who are near him in your shame, desperation, and emptiness, and he has given you new life.

Meeting Up With Jesus – A Clear Focus   Mark 1: 29 – 39

May 5, 2019.  Rev. Richard R. Gerber

Jesus faces the demands of his new ministry and chooses to not let the urgent sabotage what is really important.

Meeting Up With Jesus – A Commanding Presence   Mark 1: 14 – 28

April 28, 2019   Rev. Richard Gerber

Jesus owns the room. His presence commands your attention.

Pilgrims in Distress   Psalm 120

April 7, 2019   Mr. Jeremiah Dickinson

God sustains his pilgrim people and leads them to their heavenly home.



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