The Gospel of Obedience   Matthew 6: 9 – 13

October 13, 2019.  Pastoral Intern Jeremiah Dickinson

As you pray “your will be done,” you may wonder how you can know God’s will. God’s word, the Bible, reveals his heart and his mind – his will. In doing the will of our loving, gracious God there is perfect freedom.

No Room for Fear   Psalm 27

October 6, 2019.  Rev. Richard R. Gerber

Opportunities for fear abound in our lives. But David shows us in his own life the antidote to fear.

Your Kingdom Come   Matthew 6: 9 – 13

September 29, 2019.  Pastoral Intern Jeremiah Dickinson

God’s kingdom has come. His time of salvation and grace has come. We pray for the full glory of that kingdom to come to us.

Sing!!   Psalm 57

September 22, 2019.  Rev. Richard R. Gerber

The Lord is a safe room and a faithful deliverer through the storms and hardships of life. With gusto sing his praises before the world.

Hope    Colossians 1: 13 – 23

September 15, 2019.  Rev. Richard R. Gerber

One day Christ will present his people to God the Father in a glorious state – holy, blameless, above reproach. That hope strengthen you in your daily battle with sin.

Hallowed Be Your Name   Matthew 6: 9 – 13

September 8, 2019.  Pastoral Intern Jeremiah Dickinson

The praise of God is to be your highest desire.

Hope in Dark Places   Psalm 130

September 1, 2019.  Rev. Richard R. Gerber

Waiting and hoping for the heavenly city are daily exercises for the Christian pilgrim.  

When You Pray   Matthew 6: 5 – 9

August 25, 2019.  Pastoral Intern Jeremiah Dickinson

Your prayers are shaped by the God to whom you pray.

Through Christ I Can   Philippians 4: 10 – 20

August 18, 2019.  Rev. Richard R. Gerber

Nothing is beyond my ability to handle in a God-honoring way as I rely on Christ’s strength.



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